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Karate has become very physical over the past decade, we have neglected many things. Discipline, respect, honor and manners, those things that help make karate, have been either forgotten or ignored. Ki and tanden,because they are abstract are also ignored, anything that is too difficult to understand is pushed to the side, in favor of the easy way. So we prostitute ourselves in order to be accepted by society. We do this by making the training a little easier. Not imposing strict discipline during training, not practicing the techniques that have been handed down over the centuries. Those we vannot use in tournaments for example, so what happens? We gradually lose those things that made karate, even attracted us to the art in the first place. One generation after another loses something and we no longer have what we call karate but something else. I do not have all the answers either technically or morally I only hope that this book will make you think. Karate is not only competing and a black belt.

Shihan Howard Collins

The Absolute Karate

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