VM Program

The GeneralSchedule of the 10th World Championship in 2011

October 19th (Wed) – TournamentOffice Open

October 20th (Thu) – WKO BoardMeeting

October 21st (Fri) – RefereeMeeting, Fighters Orientation

October 22nd-23rd(Sat & Sun) – 10th World Championship

October 24th (Mon) – WKOGeneral Assembly, Place: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

October 25th-27th(Tues, Wed, Thu) – International Seminar, Place: Fuji Midori no Kyuka Mura

International Seminar and WKO Grading Exam

Schedule: Tuesday, October 25 Move to the camp site, Training

Wednesday, October 26 Training, Special Grading Exam

Thursday, October 27 Training (depending on the flight schedule), Dismissal

Camp Site: Fuji Midori no Kyuka Mura

Qualified Applicants: 2 kyu or higher, 16 years and older 

Cost: 30,000 yen (extra 10,000 yen will be necessaryfor Examinees) 2 nights3 days with 6 meals (The number of meals may be reduced depending on the flightschedule)

To bepaid in Japanese Yen cash at the Tournament Office in the hotel upon arrival.

Please note that the accommodation costfor Monday, October 25th will not be covered by the Organizer, forfighters who plan to participate in the Seminar.

First Deadline: June30

Please submit the application form (Attachment B ofMay 2011 Newsletter) to the WKO office. Applicants for the Grading Exam arerequired to attach their current grade certificate. Supporters who need a visato enter Japan are required to attach their passport copy and purchase thepackage from JTB.