Dear Branch Chiefs and Contacts,
First of all, I would like to start my message by expressing my appreciation to all of you for your warm support for our organization
Japan is currently in the middle of autumn, a very comfortable period when the weather is neither hot nor cold, and the training atmosphere in the dojo is absolutely perfect. Time flies very fast. Although this year is reaching its final stages, I hope you all are doing fine.
In Japan, the 45th All Japan Championship was held successfully, due to the cooperation of all related parties. The prizewinners of the tournament were all very young, both for men and women, and their average age was 21 years old. A very promising group of strong fighters have come together, as the new generation who will shoulder the quest to pursue the strongest Budo Karate. The essence of Shinkyokushinkai, to pursue strength, is being passed on to each generation, and this makes me very happy. Vladimir Artyushin from Kazakhstan suffered a serious injury, a broken right leg, during a bout at this All Japan Championship. He could not stand or move, due to the heavy pain. Although he was immediately taken to an emergency hospital, I believe he felt quite uncertain, for this was an accident during a bout in a foreign country. The members of the Kazakhstan team were very worried as well, and I imagine that he felt quite lonely, having to endure the severe pain. In such time of difficulty, the Shinkyokushin family of Japan gathered to support him. Recently, I was informed that he safely returned to Kazakhstan and had surgery on his leg, and I was very relieved to hear this good news. As we all know, Kyokushin, One Big Family. Crossing over national boundaries, languages, religions, and generations. Anywhere and anytime, please be at ease, for the Kyokushin family will always be close by. Let us further spread this circle of friends.
Many tournaments are being held in various areas of the world. Tournaments are very important, for they play the role of promoting our activities to the international community, and many people are involved in the holding of such event. Officials, referees, competitors, and coaches. Sponsors, media, staff, and most importantly, the fans that come from various regions to watch the event. The daily efforts of all Branch Chiefs, is what connects all of these key members. To build roots in various areas of the world, to give out flyers and posters, and increase members. To instruct everyday and develop competitors, to promote within the regional community for supporters, and to further spread the Kyokushin spirit, a culture of the mind. Each time I receive reports of steady activities held around the world, I imagine all of you trying your best, and feel a deep sense of respect towards your hard efforts. When Sosai Oyama passed away and the organization entered a period of confusion, the Branch Chiefs around the world joined hands and overcame this time of difficulty. The number of Branch Chiefs has now reached 270. I aim to make further efforts to develop an organization that will achieve a decrease in the economic burden shouldered by all of you, whom I have shared happiness, sadness, and hardships together, so that you all will happily feel “I am glad to belong to WKO”, and I sincerely ask for your continuous cooperation. Let us make our WKO, even more special with our own hands. I wanted this month to be a good opportunity to express my appreciation to all Branch Chiefs & Contacts, thank you very much.
Kenji Midori
WKO President
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