Innbydelse Teen Challenge 2015
OSU Shihans and Senseis,
I hope this reaches you all in good health and spirit!
Attached you find the invitation to the second Teen Challenge. The tournament is for students ranging from 11-22 years of age. All will compete with the same rules as approved by the Norwegian Budo Association “Fullkonntakt med Begrensninger”; similar to that of the European Championship for Jr, but with helmets and less contact to the head accepted! Not only do we hope to bring together competitors, but we would also like to open up for judges and referees from both Sweeden and Denmark to take part in this project.
Our agenda is to further develop the good relations of our neighbouring countries to mutual benefit.
The invitation should explain most questions, for additional inquiries please do not hesitate to ask.
We hope to see many of you and all of your students in Horten the 21th of March 🙂
Please redistribute this invite to whom you see fit.
Kind Regards & OSU!
Bård Brodshaug