Bergen. Norway
Kyokushin Open Norway, Bergen 25th April 2015. Norway has only one tournament to offer at top level : Kyokushin Open in Bergen. The Kyokushin tradition is strong in Bergen, with over 40 years of experience it is one of Norway’s kyokushin foundation.
Full Contact Norway has for many years fought against a very strictly’s regulations set by the government. This has slowed all forms of full contact in Norway and made it hard to hold international tournaments. And since the Norwegian regulations have been different from the rest of the world, it has not been easy to get foreign athletes to come. But now the times have changes…
The will is strong to make a good tournament in Norway, and also the understanding at what level the tournament should be. This means that the tournament is closely following the European championship. But since Kyokushin Open Norway has a different target group, this will not affect any participating in the two different tournaments. Sweden has repeatedly supported the tournament, this has raised the level well. One hopes to get even More nations in 2015 that will undoubtedly raise the tournament level. Norwegian athletes are going to prepare for it …. Welcome to Norway!