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This document will help you find more information in regards to the Swiss-Open 2015. As we move
towards the event itself, more information will be provided to you by mail and through our website http://swiss-open.info/swiss-open/ Registration for participants and officials will open officially on March 2th, 2015. Look for the announcement on our website!
Sprthalle Eichli Stans
2.1 Kumite – Adults / Seniors (year of birth: 1997 or older)
Weight classes men Weight classes woman
Light weight -70 kg Light weight – 55 kg
Middle weight 70 kg – 80 kg Middle weight 55 kg – 65 kg
Heavy weight 80 kg – 90 kg Heavy weight + 65 kg
Super Heavy weight + 90 kg
Protection men Protection woman
Groin protection Breast protection (only the cup type is allowed)
Mouth protection (optional) Shin protection
Mouth protection (optional)