For the past 17 years we have held this Fighting seminar. The focus is on all aspect of Shinkyokushin kumite. Everything from sparring, technique and stamina. The camp is a fantastic preparation for tournaments, grading’s or just for self-development.

This year’s guest instructor will be Nazar Nazirov from Russia.
His merits speak for themselves:
6th place in the World Championship 2015, and Technical Award. Winning the Russian Open weight 2016, defeating the best of Russian fighters across organizations and weight.
Who can join?
The seminar is for everyone that has an interest in kumite. Children from 12 years of age and adult are welcome. Please ask your instructor before registration.
What to expect?
Even though the seminar is only for a weekend, you can expect a lot of sparring and different kumite techniques.
Where is the seminar being held?
TK´s Ungdomsgård
Tuborgvej 185, 2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark